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Cultural Coaching

One of the most fascinating methodologies of having a thorough perspective of life is through journeys. For years, people have travelled far and wide for business and leisure. If we take India as a case, there are more than 300,000 expats and the number is just increasing by the day. With fast growing economy and plethora of opportunities, especially in the outsourcing industry, it is very important to understand the dynamics of the land and its people. Being "inter-culturally operational" is the key to succeed. Our Cultural Adaptation coaches with their expertise and exposure in the international arena come armed with firsthand experience of cultural issues. Their deep rooted understanding of cultures not only gives our clients a cultural perspective but also guides them on the tenets of business dealings in the country.

Many organizations may wonder why cultural coaching is so important for a corporate to invest. The answer might sound simple but is profound. Cultural sensitivity is essential part of business environment as employees work with individuals and teams originating from various cultures both internationally and within the organization. The question is not ‘whether culture really matters’ today in the modern world but to know ‘how culture really matters’ (Amartya Sen).

Cultural coaching is not just for the expat employees but also for others since every employee may have to deal with people from a different ethnicity or culture. Being sensitive to other cultures is essential for the employees of the organization as these impact business relationships. Though values are universal the meanings attached to those values are different and hence cultural coaching helps the clients to know the difference.

Respecting other culture is not the only key, but understanding them is essential as well. For instance, it is essential for employees to know why colleagues from different culture or ethnicity think- act-react or make decisions in a different way than theirs. Cultural coaching does not just create awareness on cultural dimensions. It helps the clients in the journey of paradox and culture by facilitating the expats retain their cultural values while embrace the values of the host country.