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Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching is a creative relationship. Coaching is a tried, tested and validated creative relationship which delivers astounding results for professional and personal growth of the coached. It is a succession filled with deep personal insights that helps the coached brings about phenomenal positive changes in their personal and professional endeavours. Coaching is a methodology which assists the coached help search appropriate directions by asking high gain questions which trigger personal insights.

Benefits for the Individual Benefits for the Organization
Challenges limiting behavior and taps into a person´s limitless potential. Enhances motivation level and improves productivity.
Enhances individual performance at work and otherwise. Critical to developing leaders.
Produces lasting changes for the individual. Facilitates retention of leadership talent.
Helps achieve work-life balance and improves goal orientation. Enhances team work.

The need for coaching today

Coaching is a learning progression that interconnects the developmental needs of the individual with the strategic requirement of the organization. In this age of competition, staying ahead is always a challenge. With so many equally competent players in the industry, ready to grab every share of the pie, what is there that would help organizations and individuals leap ahead of the rest?

The answer lies in the ability of an organization to tap into the potential of each of the employees and build great leaders. Organizations are in continuous need to develop leaders to fuel business growth and achieve market leadership. The ever-changing landscape demands that companies invest in developing and retaining leaders. Executive coaching is now seen at the forefront of various learning processes that help develop and retain leaders.

Myth about Coaching

Myth about coaching is often the road block for people not to incorporate coaching in businesses or organization to achieve success or business results.

The common myths among people are:

Coaching is not for successful people - In reality it is the successful people who indulge more in coaching. Because they know that they constantly need to update themselves with skills, strategies and techniques to stay top on the ladder. Making their best skills achieve 200% is their motto.

Coaching causes co-dependency - The general idea of people is that coaching causes them to depend more on coaches for their success and motivation. However, the truth is coaching empowers people to know their strengths and techniques to motivate themselves and not cause dependency.

Coaching is short-term training - A coach is not someone who delivers training and then disappears. A coach understands human behaviour and traits and hence is aware that people can go through periods of lack of confidence, low energy levels and frustrations. Coaching is long-term process helping individuals succeed consistently by tailoring to their needs.

Coaching is like counselling or therapy - Therapy focuses on the issues in the past and is aimed at healing the scars of the past and future. The focus of therapy the root-cause of the problem. While coaching is restricted to the person’s life in the organization- his performance and the related factors. There is exploration of family history or changing of the personality. The focus of coaching is to identify the true potential of the person, guide through goal-setting and improve the performance.

Strengthscape, an executive coaching and leadership development organization headquartered in Bangalore. Our panel of professional coaches consists of over 25 coaches who have been credentialed by the International Coach Federation and come with years of experience as coaches and mentors.  We, at Strengthscape, believe that what one can achieve in life is determined more by nurturance than nature. Our coaching method, DANCE, and our experienced professionals guarantee that the coached will have a unique experience and deep-seated positive changes.