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There are several leadership styles. In no ways, one style is better than the other, because everything has its own merits and demerits. In the recent times, one of the leadership styles that has gained popularity is leading like a coach. Leading like a coach means letting go of the traditional notion of leadership as controlling and administering a part of the organization towards a better future and embracing a people-oriented notion where leaders help individual's springboard on their respective strengths and talents to achieve organizational goals.

Leader as a coach helps the team members successful take the journey of the development process helping them to set the right goals, identify and deal with the potential obstacles and improve the performance. Being a coach to the team members is about helping them to be the better version of themselves. Coaching has to be done one-to-one with the team members. It is important that specific time has to be scheduled for such sessions. It is not ideal to push these sessions into the weekly task meetings. A leader who leads the team with the approach of a coach can successfully help the team members in effective problem-solving and achieving goals. Coaching also focuses on discussions and building strategies for career development and employee growth.

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It is important to note that coaching is an on-going process till the goal is achieved. It should not be done as a disciplinary action only when there is a dip in the performance of the employee. It should be used both for employ development and to improve performance. The trust on the process will be the result otherwise.

While talking about the benefits of coaching the employees, it is found that in organizations with a strong coaching culture employee are highly satisfied with their job and retention rate is also high. It is also cost-effective, as in, coaching is much more effective than formal training programs in the long run, as it has greater impact, but technically lot expensive. Moreover, costly errors and mistakes can also be avoided with a proper coaching.

Strengthscape is a coaching and leadership development organization providing services like provides mentoring, leadership training & development services. We have clients which include several of the renowned companies across industry sectors, where we work with some of their senior-most executives. We are based in Bangalore and have worked with clients across India and overseas. Our panel of professional coaches includes over 25 coaches who have been credentialed by the International Coach Federation and come with years of experience as coaches and mentors.

We, at Strengthscape, offers a well-defined process, support structure, and validated tools and techniques to ensure reliability, sustainability, and broad-based impact for the development and transformation of leaders into competent coaches. We improve the skills of leaders by helping them increase their self-awareness, perceptions and analyze their strengths and weaknesses before helping other team members do the same. Our coaching methodology, DANCE which focus on the above mentioned, was able to give numerous positive results.

Our other services include assessments, certification, competency mapping, OD consulting and image consulting.