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Choosing a training partner is a critical decision, and a sensitive one too; especially when you are taking your senior leadership for an outbound. To top it up, the budget is always a bit short. Wooh! You may have heard about us. Either way, talking to our previous clients would definitely help you. If you need to make a reference check, feel free to contact us. Many of our clients, not surprisingly so, love to talk about all the results we have achieved together.

"It is a different world out here! We really are unique." We hear this often. Time and again we are asked whether we have worked in a particular industry or a particular sector. Our answer to that question, more often than not is "yes we have". Not that the human nature is different in every domain. We are all human beings and our basic needs and wants are the same, they will not change from industry to industry and sector to sector. We, as your training partner, have this basic understanding. But yes, there is no model that fits all. Business dynamics, cultural influence and market outlook, ultimate goals- they are all influences that change the work environment. We can still serve you. Our detailed pre-work before the session is dedicated to analyze our clients’ needs and expected outcomes, thus we ensure that we are on the same page.

With a strong base of 25 experienced professionals and a success story of 10 years we offer the most unique experience to our clients. Using the approach of assessments and theories from Neuroscience and Anthropology we conduct a thorough training need analysis and creating the program using the analysis. In addition, the DANCE (Discovery, Awareness, New Strategy, Combat, Elevate and Acknowledge) methodology, propounded by Strengthscape, is developed with an aim to bring about a deep-seated change for the coached and trainees. The methodology is developed as a step-by-step process to help the coached experience a transition from awareness to levels of immense performance and satisfaction.

Our executive coaching and training programs have helped in experience positive results from the clients we have worked with in the various sectors: like banking, communication, paper manufacture, service goods, mechanical engineering, insurance, tele-callers and more. If we haven't worked in your domain before, be sure that we will take the time and effort to understand the nuances of your world before proposing a solution- a better reason why you should be talking to us. We guarantee that not having experience in your domain will not hamper the quality of our service.

We have worked with some big names in the corporate world, as well as with organizations that were taking their baby steps. We were influential in the growth and development of both.Our services are not limited to training and executive coaching. We have proven our worth at areas like assessments, certifications, competency mapping, content development and image consulting.

Please refer the testimonials to know what the world wants to tell about us.