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A business review, also known as quarterly business review (QBR) or executive business review (EBR) is a quarterly meeting between a company and its top priority clients. These meetings are essential to discuss how a client's business is performing so far and how the company can assist them. When a company is new, there is plenty of time, staff and resources to go around arranging business review meetings for fewer clients.But as time passes, it is difficult to sustain those relationships no matter however important they may be.

Quarterly meetings ensure that you and your client keep your professional relationship intact as they are extremely important for a company's growth and promises your clients the solutions they expect. It is advisable to conduct Business Reviews for high-priority clients that have proven essential to your company's growth. It ensures you to personally convince them the upliftment of their business was achieved due to their investment in your service.

Although supposed to be quarterly, these reviews may not happen as often given the time and staff crunch with some of your exclusive clients. Conducting business review meetings is not a task to be taken lightly as it is an important and highly strategic meeting that can result in either ground-breaking initiatives or affect the relationship with an extremely important customer.

When planning a business review meeting, one basis point to keep in mind is that the meeting should be personal, and you must be entirely dedicated to assisting your client. Time is money and if you know how to make your reviews worth both, it's a win for every party involved.

To conduct successful Business Reviews business reviews, there are some steps to keep in mind such as:

  • Avoiding prolonged meetings, respect your client’s time.
  • Not delving too deep into the negatives or shortcomings but you should be open for accepting honest reviews from your clients without going into defence mode.
  • You should also be open to suggestions and strategies from the client's team/executives.
  • Mention the objectives you had decided on in the previous meeting and to which extent you were able to meet with your client’s expectations, then offer suggestions for future improvements.
  • Allot responsibilities and action plans to individuals and teams. Recognize and highlight the hard work and success by rewarding teams/ individuals.
  • Learn to identify and work on effectively removing barriers.
  • Business meetings should allow all individuals from both parties to make decisions as a team rather leaders or bosses.
  • Set very clear-cut goals and objectives to complete in the next quarter.
  • Lastly, never end a business review without discussing and confirming the next review meeting, this shows that you are truly determined to deliver better results by the time you conduct a meeting again.

In conclusion, business reviews are extremely important to determine a company and client’s relationship and ensure that both parties are being satisfied on discussed grounds and to ensure that a company gives importance to pay the special attention to their high-priority clients that they deserve and need.