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Even an infant can communicate. However, business communication isn't that straight forward and easy. Cultural affinity, intention of the receiver, language barrier and difference in perception - all of them add complexity to this very basic human phenomenon–communication.

Nowadays, more than ever before, organizations mandate sophisticated “executive” communication skills for professionals right from the initial days of their career. Right from day one, professionals are exposed to cross culture situations – communicating across borders through email, telephone and chat services. While running a customer service desk, opportunities for providing excellent service may be lost due to communication faux pas. Professionals can no longer undermine the importance of direct, precise and to-the-point messages.

Our experience with multiple corporates indicates that communication skill is the number one development area for professionals in the early years of their corporate life. They need to learn the art of collaborative communication, wherein they can deliver simple and clear messages tactfully.This is what would make the BIG DIFFERENCE!

Business communications are seldom taken seriously these days. It is natural to think that since we are well-versed in the language of global communication we are good when it comes to business communications. Business communication happens in almost all sectors of professional and business milieu such as interactions with clients, peers, managers, vendors, sales, etc. in the form of face-to-face meeting, emails, telephone calls, web conference, presentations, business writing, etc. Business communications cannot be same as our day to day communications since it entails professionalism.

Professionalism does not necessarily indicate eloquent language. However, professionalism involves use of good language, communicating clearly without ambiguity, listening effectively and not selectively, giving time and space for communication, removing barriers of communication, effective questioning, being in context of communication and avoiding interruptions.

The coaching program for business communication is designed to enable individuals and corporate in enhancing their business communications with respect to of business writing, assertiveness, maintaining professionalism and many other powerful aspects of business communication.

Business Communication prepares professionals to reset their priorities, spot areas of improvements and commit themselves to the communication revolution. It provides professionals a never- before learning opportunity to evaluate self and overcome shortcomings in the art of communication. The training sharpens written and verbal communication skills. It focuses on dramatic listening to engage multiple senses to touch the listener’s emotions.

  • Eliminate Barriers to Communication
  • Enhance both internal and external customer service performance
  • Empower business relationships through enhanced interpersonal communication skills
  • Increase workplace productivity and retention
Program Outline
  • Perception
  • Communication basics
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Listening skills
  • Asking powerful questions
  • Team Meetings
  • Writing business emails
  • Conference calls
  • Giving and receiving feedback

The program includes two essential parts, which are used as assessments to understand the individual differences and assist in working on the improvement areas.

Personal Listening Profile assesses people on their natural approach to listening as well as that of others thus, helping them improve their effectiveness by refining their own listening approach according to that of people around leading to successful communication.

Business English Test is a scientifically designed and validated test. It provides norm-based reporting of an employee’s level of proficiency in the English language in three key areas: Grammar, Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension. Business English assessment test that helps in understanding the improvement area for each individual and focuses towards developing it.

This program is available in a one-day and a two-day format.