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Building Organizational- Trust

For too long, trust has been considered as something vague and subjective. This program helps participants understand trust as an economic asset and a key indicator of a company’s long term viability. It not only helps to decipher trust worthiness but also enhance it at a personal and organizational level for highest business impact.

When talking about best business leaders there are a number of people who come to mind who have been successful in taking their organization at higher levels. However, if you were to stand out as the best collaborative leader of the century it necessitates a trait that is different from others- i.e. the ability to build trust that enables diverse people come together achieve a common goal.

Havard Business Review states Ray Chambers as the model for collaborative leader. Ray Chambers, a successful business leader with a passion to contribute enormously to the country he lived founded and cofounded many NGO’s such as the Gates Foundation, International Red Cross, Malaria No More, National Mentoring Partnership and others to help the suffering. The unique trait of Ray was that he was a great social networker and he had ability to build such trust with the people that enabled him to bring diverse people come together to achieve a common goal.

Building trust is a greatest asset to organizational success. As we chiefly work with people, trust and credibility is something that has to be built deeply to have long lasting success and pedigree. This program equips business leaders with principles and tools to build organization trust that can impact businesses.

  • Understand and develop organizational trust
  • Build consensus on high trust behaviors
  • Identify and eliminate low trust behaviors
  • Align roles, people, systems and processes for highest business impact
Program Outline
  • Defining trust as an economical factor
  • Role of trust
  • Differentiating between personal trust and organizational trust
  • The 4 principle model for building organizational trust
  • High trust behaviors
  • Rituals for building trust
  • Align internal systems to the high trust model
This program is available in a one day and a two day format